Our Company

Primo Contacto is the leading supplier and distributor of raw materials for the plastic and rubber industries. As a growth-oriented company, Primo Contacto provides warehousing and distribution services to all its customers.

In addition, Primo Contacto has developed a proven technology aimed directly at market development. This technology spans all areas of the company, from its management executives to its marketing strategies. Consequently, Primo Contacto has attained unprecedented market penetration for many of its products (over 60%), which include commodities and specialties for many industrial markets.

Lastly, based on the outstanding results obtained since the end of 1998, Primo Contacto has been granted countless representations, among which we have Dow Chemicals, Wacker Silicones, Dead Sea Bromide, Polytech, Enka, Introsa, Chongqing Shangshou Chemicals, The OC Group, to name a few.

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